6 months ago

SSKM Hospital Submits Medical Report of Sujay Krishna Bhadra to Calcutta High Court

Kalighater Kaku
Kalighater Kaku


IIE Digital Desk: SSKM Hospital has submitted the medical report of Sujay Krishna Bhadra to the Calcutta High Court. The submission comes in the wake of heightened legal scrutiny surrounding Bhadra's health, and the medical report is expected to play a pivotal role in the ongoing legal proceedings.

Sujay Krishna Bhadra, whose health has been a subject of legal and public attention, was admitted to SSKM Hospital for medical evaluation. The medical report, now in the possession of the Calcutta High Court, is anticipated to provide crucial insights into Bhadra's current health status and the necessary course of medical intervention recommended by the hospital.

The contents of the medical report have not been disclosed publicly, and the court is likely to assess the findings to make informed decisions regarding Bhadra's legal and medical situation. The submission of the report marks a key milestone in the legal proceedings surrounding the individual in question.

This development follows a series of legal actions and petitions related to Sujay Krishna Bhadra, making the case a focal point of public and legal discourse. The medical report's submission is expected to bring clarity to the court's understanding of Bhadra's health and potentially influence the direction of ongoing legal deliberations.

As the Calcutta High Court reviews the medical report, it remains to be seen how this information will impact the legal proceedings and any subsequent decisions regarding Sujay Krishna Bhadra. The case underscores the intersection of health, legal considerations, and public scrutiny, contributing to the unfolding narrative surrounding this particular legal matter.

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