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Mosquito Menace: Plastic Canopies on Kolkata's Footpaths Become Breeding Grounds

dengue case (symbolic picture)
dengue case (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (August 21,2023) : In a pressing concern for the Kolkata Municipal Authority, a surge in mosquito larvae breeding has been detected within the plastic canopies draping the shops that line the bustling footpaths of the city. The proliferation of these disease-carrying insects has raised significant alarm bells. Officials from the municipality are now grappling with the urgency of addressing this growing menace. The mosquito larvae have found a conducive breeding ground within the accumulated rainwater atop these plastic shelters, creating a potential public health crisis.

As Kolkata navigates its way through the monsoon season, the municipality is undertaking swift measures to curb the mosquito population explosion. Immediate strategies include intensified monitoring of these vulnerable areas, ensuring regular cleaning and drainage of stagnant water, and heightening public awareness regarding the elimination of potential breeding sites. With the specter of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria looming large, the municipality's proactive stance to combat this issue becomes crucial. The onus now rests on both the local shopkeepers and the general public to collaborate in this endeavor to ensure a safer and healthier environment for all citizens.

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