8 months ago

Kolkata's KSTC Adopts CNG and Diesel Buses Amid Battery Bus Delays

Kolkata transport (symbolic picture)
Kolkata transport (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (July 25,2023) : Kolkata State Transport Corporation (KSTC) has found a practical solution to tackle delays in battery-powered buses by introducing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Diesel buses. The move aims to ensure timely public transport and prioritize passenger convenience. While battery buses remain a promising long-term sustainable option, logistical challenges led KSTC to diversify its fleet. The corporation's adaptability in meeting transportation needs showcases a commitment to a greener and well-connected future for Kolkata. By striking a balance between efficiency and sustainability, KSTC takes a significant step towards improving urban mobility and offering a seamless commuting experience for the city's residents and visitors.

A spokesperson for KSTC emphasized that although battery-powered buses remain a core focus for the long-term, the incorporation of CNG and Diesel buses is a practical step to ensure uninterrupted services and to enhance the overall commuting experience for the people of Kolkata.

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