9 months ago

Countdown to Change: Kolkata Schools Embrace Climate Clocks by 2029

Climate Clocks (symbolic picture)
Climate Clocks (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (August 25,2023) : As the clock ticks towards July 2029, Kolkata gears up for a visionary transformation in the education sector. Around 50 schools in the city are poised to receive an innovative addition: the climate clock. This initiative, set to be unveiled next month, is primed to raise environmental awareness among students and the community. In a bid to instill a sense of urgency about climate change, the concept of the climate clock merges artistic innovation with eco-consciousness. It will serve as a constant reminder of the pressing need to address environmental issues.

Educational authorities are enthusiastic about this venture, believing that the climate clock will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of school premises but also function as an educational tool. Students will have the opportunity to grasp the intricate relationship between time and environmental impact. The countdown has begun, marking a significant stride in Kolkata's commitment to fostering eco-awareness from an early age. With the impending inauguration of these climate clocks, Kolkata solidifies its position as a city at the forefront of innovative education for a sustainable future.

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