11 months ago

US Gamer Kai Cenat Faces Arrest After PlayStation 5 Giveaway Chaos

US Gamer Kai Cenat (symbolic picture)
US Gamer Kai Cenat (symbolic picture)


New York (August 05,2023) : Kai Cenat, a popular US gamer, is facing arrest after a PlayStation 5 giveaway he hosted on Twitch turned chaotic. Cenat had promised to give away a PlayStation 5 to one of his viewers, but when the time came to announce the winner, the stream was flooded with thousands of comments. The giveaway quickly devolved into chaos, with viewers spamming the chat with obscenities and threats. Cenat eventually gave up on the giveaway and ended the stream. He later apologized for the chaos, saying that he was "not prepared for the level of traffic" that the stream received.

However, the New York Police Department is now investigating the incident, and Cenat could face charges of disorderly conduct. Cenat is a popular streamer with over 2 million followers on Twitch. He is known for his gaming skills and his entertaining commentary. However, this incident is a reminder that even popular streamers can be unprepared for the challenges of hosting large-scale events

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