9 months ago

UK burglar caught by Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag and UK burglar (symbolic picture)
Apple AirTag and UK burglar (symbolic picture)


Britain (August 29,2023) : A burglar in the UK has been caught after an Apple AirTag tracked him down. The burglar, who has not been named, stole a number of items worth over £1 million ($1.2 million) from a property in London. The victim of the burglary had attached an Apple AirTag to one of the items that was stolen. The AirTag is a small, Bluetooth tracking device that can be attached to items to track their location.

The burglar took the stolen items to a pawn shop, where they were scanned by the pawnbroker. The scan activated the AirTag, which sent a signal to the victim's iPhone. The victim was then able to track the burglar's movements and call the police. The police arrested the burglar and recovered the stolen items. The burglar has been charged with burglary and is due to appear in court. This is the first known case of a burglar being caught using an Apple AirTag. The case highlights the potential of the AirTag to be used to track stolen items and catch criminals.

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