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Israeli Military Ends 2-Day Raid in West Bank, Withdrawing Troops

Israeli Military (symbolic picture)
Israeli Military (symbolic picture)


Israeli (July 05,2023) : The Israeli military announced on Wednesday that it had withdrawn its troops from the West Bank, ending a two-day raid that killed at least 13 Palestinians and injured dozens more. The raid, which targeted the Jenin refugee camp, was the largest Israeli military operation in the West Bank in years. It was launched in response to a series of deadly Palestinian attacks in early 2023.

The Israeli military said that the raid was aimed at "dismantling terrorist infrastructure" in the Jenin refugee camp. However, Palestinian officials and human rights groups accused the Israeli military of using excessive force and said that many of the Palestinians who were killed were civilians. The withdrawal of Israeli troops from the West Bank is a significant development, but it is unclear whether it will help to ease tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. The Israeli government has said that it is committed to continuing its security operations in the West Bank, and Palestinian officials have warned that the raid will only serve to fuel further violence.

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