11 months ago

China Refuses to Move Troops from Depsang and Demchok, Sources Say

China army (symbolic picture)
China army (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : China has refused to move its troops from the Depsang and Demchok areas in Ladakh, despite repeated requests from India, according to sources. The two sides have been engaged in a standoff in the area since 2020. India has accused China of building new infrastructure in the area, which it says is in violation of the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The sources said that China has told India that it will not move its troops until the overall situation along the LAC is resolved. The standoff in Ladakh is one of the most serious in recent years between India and China. The two countries have held several rounds of talks to resolve the issue, but no breakthrough has been achieved so far.

The sources said that India is preparing for a long-drawn-out standoff with China. The Indian Army has deployed additional troops and equipment in the area, and is conducting regular exercises. The standoff is a major challenge for the Indian government. It is also a major security concern for India, as the area is close to the strategically important Karakoram Pass. The sources said that India is determined to protect its interests in Ladakh. The Indian government is also working to build international pressure on China to resolve the issue.

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