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Twitter Employees Sue Social Media Company Over Bonuses

Twitter(feature image)
Twitter(feature image)


San Francisco, CA - A group of Twitter employees have filed a lawsuit against the social media company, alleging that they were not paid the bonuses they were promised. The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in San Francisco on Tuesday, names Twitter, former CEO Jack Dorsey, and former CFO Ned Segal as defendants. The lawsuit alleges that in the month leading up to Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, executives repeatedly promised employees that 50% of their 2022 bonuses would be paid. However, after the acquisition was announced, Twitter allegedly reversed course and said that the bonuses would not be paid.

The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit is Mark Schobinger, who served as Twitter's senior director of compensation until last month. Schobinger claims that he is owed $150,000 in unpaid bonuses. The other plaintiffs in the lawsuit are also seeking class-action status, which would allow them to represent all Twitter employees who were promised bonuses but not paid. The lawsuit alleges that Twitter's failure to pay the bonuses is a breach of contract. The lawsuit also alleges that Twitter's actions were "arbitrary, capricious, and in bad faith."

Twitter has not yet responded to the lawsuit. The lawsuit is the latest legal challenge facing Twitter since Musk's acquisition. In recent weeks, Twitter has also been sued by former employees who allege that they were wrongfully terminated.

The lawsuit over the bonuses is a reminder of the uncertainty that many Twitter employees are facing under Musk's ownership. Musk has said that he wants to make Twitter a more "free speech" platform, but he has also said that he wants to reduce the company's workforce. It remains to be seen how Musk's plans will affect Twitter employees.

The lawsuit is also a reminder of the importance of employee contracts. When employees are promised bonuses, they have a right to expect that those bonuses will be paid. If an employer fails to pay a bonus, the employee may be able to sue for breach of contract. It is important for employees to read their contracts carefully and to understand their rights. If an employer fails to live up to its promises, employees should not hesitate to seek legal help.

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