9 months ago

Paytm eyes small credit segment after capturing payments market

Paytm (symbolic picture)
Paytm (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Paytm, India's leading digital payments company, is now setting its sights on the small credit segment. The company has already started offering small loans to its customers, and it plans to expand this offering in the coming months. Paytm's move into the small credit segment is seen as a natural progression for the company. Paytm has a large customer base of over 300 million users, and it has a deep understanding of their financial needs. The company also has a strong technology platform that can be used to offer small loans efficiently.

The small credit segment is a large and growing market in India. There are an estimated 500 million people in India who do not have access to formal credit. Paytm is targeting this underserved market with its small loans.

Paytm's entry into the small credit segment is likely to have a major impact on the market. The company's deep pockets and strong technology platform will give it a significant advantage over its competitors. Paytm is also likely to attract new customers to its platform with its small loans offering. The company's move into the small credit segment is a sign of its ambition. Paytm is not content to be just a payments company. It wants to be a one-stop shop for all financial services needs. The small credit segment is just the first step in Paytm's journey to become a financial super app.

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