West Bengal

9 months ago

Two Roaming Elephants Cause Havoc in Bijtala

Elephant attack (Symbolic picture)
Elephant attack (Symbolic picture)


Goaltod (August 04,2023) : Two elephants that had strayed from their herd caused havoc in Bijtala, West Bengal, on Friday. The elephants destroyed crops and damaged property in several villages. The elephants first entered the village of Bijtala in the morning. They then went on to the villages of Banstala, Bhangara, and Gopalpur. The elephants uprooted trees, damaged houses, and destroyed crops.

The villagers tried to scare the elephants away by shouting and banging drums. However, the elephants were not afraid and continued to wreak havoc. The forest department was eventually called in. The department officials managed to drive the elephants back into the forest. The incident has caused widespread damage to the crops and property in the affected villages. The villagers are now demanding compensation from the government.

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