West Bengal

8 months ago

Shaman Flees After Attempted Rape Allegation in Bhangar

Attempted Rape  (symbolic picture)
Attempted Rape (symbolic picture)


Bhangar (July 26,2023) : The tranquil community of Bhangar was shaken by a disturbing incident as a self-proclaimed shaman allegedly attempted to rape a woman seeking spiritual guidance. The shocking revelation has left the close-knit neighborhood in disbelief and outrage. According to the victim's complaint, she sought solace and guidance from the shaman, only to fall victim to his sinister intentions. The incident has sparked widespread concern over the safety of vulnerable individuals approaching self-proclaimed gurus for spiritual support.

In the wake of the allegation, the accused shaman disappeared, prompting a manhunt by the police to bring him to justice. Authorities are diligently working to ensure he faces the full weight of the law for his heinous act.

The incident has also ignited discussions on the need for stricter measures to protect individuals from potential predators operating under the guise of spiritual healers. The community is now united in their quest for justice, demanding measures to prevent such atrocities in the future. As Bhangar grapples with this shocking turn of events, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of awareness and vigilance against those who exploit trust for their malicious ends.

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