West Bengal

9 months ago

Retired Professor Expresses Mixed Feelings on India's Independence

India's Independence (symbolic picture)
India's Independence (symbolic picture)


Murshidabad (August 11,2023) : A retired professor from Nadia district has expressed mixed feelings about India's independence. The professor, who has asked to remain anonymous, said that he is proud of India's independence, but he is also disappointed with the way the country has been governed since then. "We fought for independence so that we could have a better life," he said. "But we have not achieved that goal. We are still poor, we are still illiterate, and we are still divided."

The professor said that he is particularly disappointed with the way the government has handled the issue of communalism. "We have seen so much violence in the name of religion," he said. "This is not what we fought for." The professor said that he still believes in the ideals of independence, but he is not sure if India will ever achieve them. "I am hopeful, but I am also realistic," he said. "I know that it will take a lot of hard work to make India a truly independent country."

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