West Bengal

9 months ago

Namkhana residents scared after discovery of unknown animal's footprint

unknown animal's footprint (symbolic picture)
unknown animal's footprint (symbolic picture)


Namkhana (August 22,2023) : Residents of Namkhana in West Bengal are scared after the discovery of a footprint of an unknown animal. The footprint was found in the mud near a forest area. The footprint is about 12 inches long and 6 inches wide. It is much larger than the footprints of any known animal in the area. Some people believe that the footprint belongs to a wild elephant. Others believe that it belongs to a mythical creature, such as a yeti or a Bigfoot. The forest department has been alerted about the discovery. They are sending a team of experts to investigate.

In the meantime, the residents of Namkhana are staying indoors and avoiding going near the forest area. They are scared that the unknown animal might attack them. The police have also increased patrolling in the area. They are trying to reassure the residents that they are safe. The mystery of the unknown animal's footprint remains unsolved. However, the incident has caused a stir in the area and has left the residents scared and worried.

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