West Bengal

10 months ago

Minibus, bus collide in Howrah, 10 injured

bus collide in Howrah (symbolic picture)
bus collide in Howrah (symbolic picture)


Howrah (August 23,2023) : A minibus and a bus collided on a narrow road in Howrah on Tuesday, leaving at least 10 people injured. The accident happened around 10:30 am near the Howrah Railway Station. The minibus was heading towards the station when it collided with the bus, which was coming from the opposite direction. The impact of the collision was so severe that the minibus overturned. Ten people, including the drivers of both vehicles, were injured in the accident. They were taken to a nearby hospital, where they are undergoing treatment.

The police have registered a case and are investigating the matter. They are trying to ascertain the cause of the accident. The narrow road is a major bottleneck in the area. It is often congested with traffic, which makes it difficult for vehicles to pass each other safely. The accident has once again highlighted the need for widening the road. The authorities should take steps to widen the road as soon as possible to prevent such accidents from happening in the future.

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