West Bengal

10 months ago

Lost Elderly Woman Found Safe and Sound in Chinsurah

Elderly Woman (symbolic picture)
Elderly Woman (symbolic picture)


chunchura (August 03,2023) : An elderly woman who went missing from Jamshedpur was found in Chinsurah on Thursday after a two-day search. The woman, identified as 70-year-old Purnima Das, was found wandering on the streets of Chinsurah. She was not able to identify herself or tell anyone where she was from.

The police were alerted and they took Das to the local police station. They were able to identify her through her identity card and contacted her family in Jamshedpur. Das's family members rushed to Chinsurah and were reunited with her. They were overjoyed to find her safe and sound. The police said that Das had probably gotten lost while traveling from Jamshedpur to Chinsurah. They said that she was in good health and did not suffer any injuries.

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