West Bengal

1 year ago

Kuntal Ghosh Admits to Giving Money to Saayoni Ghosh on Multiple Occasions

Kuntal Ghosh and Saayoni Ghosh (symbolic picture)
Kuntal Ghosh and Saayoni Ghosh (symbolic picture)


West Bengal (July 07,2023) : Kuntal Ghosh, a former Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader, has admitted to giving money to Saayoni Ghosh, a current TMC leader, on multiple occasions. Ghosh made the admission on Monday. Ghosh said that he gave money to Ghosh as a "loan" and that she had promised to return it. However, Ghosh said that she has not yet returned the money. Ghosh's admission has raised questions about the TMC's internal financial dealings. The party has been accused of using political funding for personal gain.

The TMC has denied any wrongdoing, saying that Ghosh's admission is "baseless". The party has also said that it will take action against Ghosh if he is found to have violated any party rules. The issue of political funding is a sensitive one in West Bengal. The state has a history of political corruption, and there have been allegations that the TMC has used political funding to buy votes. Ghosh's admission is likely to further fuel the debate about political funding in West Bengal. It will be interesting to see how the TMC responds to the allegations against Ghosh.

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