West Bengal

11 months ago

Demand for ₹1000 to Minority Women Sparks Debate

Humayun Kabir, (symbolic picture)
Humayun Kabir, (symbolic picture)


West Bengal (July 28,2023) : Humayun Kabir, a prominent member, put forward a noteworthy demand, urging the government to allocate ₹1000 to women belonging to the minority community as part of the "Lakshmi Bhandar" project. However, the ruling camp appeared unsettled by the proposition, leading to deliberations in the legislative chambers. Humayun Kabir's proposal seeks to extend financial assistance to women from the minority community, aiming to uplift their socio-economic status. The "Lakshmi Bhandar" project, which focuses on providing financial aid to women, has been under scrutiny, and Kabir's demand adds a new dimension to the ongoing discussions.

The demand has stirred debate within the assembly, with representatives from the ruling camp expressing reservations about the financial feasibility and practicality of the proposition. While acknowledging the need to support minority women, they stressed the significance of a comprehensive and sustainable approach.

As the deliberations continue, the assembly is navigating the fine balance between addressing the needs of marginalized communities and ensuring the effective implementation of welfare schemes. The government's commitment to promoting gender empowerment and socio-economic upliftment remains at the forefront of the discussions. Humayun Kabir's demand has ignited further discourse on inclusivity and equal opportunities for women across different sections of society. As the assembly seeks a consensus on the matter, the focus remains on devising comprehensive policies that address the multifaceted challenges faced by women in Bengal.

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