West Bengal

9 months ago

Bagdogra Airport: Clear Skies Ahead as Instrumental Landing System Prepares for Takeof

Bagdogra Airport (symbolic picture)
Bagdogra Airport (symbolic picture)


Siliguri (September 07,2023) : In a welcome development for travelers in North Bengal, the Instrumental Landing System (ILS) at Bagdogra Airport is poised to recommence its crucial operations. This eagerly anticipated restart promises to enhance safety and efficiency for both domestic and international flights operating in and out of this strategically important airport. The ILS, a vital component of modern aviation, aids pilots during the approach and landing phases, especially in adverse weather conditions. Its resumption at Bagdogra Airport is expected to significantly reduce weather-related flight delays and diversions, ensuring a smoother travel experience for passengers.

This news comes as a breath of fresh air for the region, which relies heavily on Bagdogra Airport for its connectivity with the rest of the country and beyond. The ILS's reinstatement is a testament to the authorities' commitment to improving air travel infrastructure and promoting North Bengal as a burgeoning travel destination. Passengers and airlines alike can now look forward to a more reliable and efficient operation at Bagdogra Airport, making it a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.

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