11 months ago

World Cup 2023 Schedule to Undergo Some Changes: Jay Shah

The announcement on WC tickets will be jointly done by BCCI and ICC
The announcement on WC tickets will be jointly done by BCCI and ICC


IIE Digital Desk: BCCI Secretary Jay Shah is set to make a significant announcement regarding the schedule for the 2023 ODI World Cup. The highly anticipated update comes amid much anticipation and excitement, particularly surrounding the high-profile clash between arch-rivals India and Pakistan.

The cricketing world has been eagerly awaiting news about any changes to the schedule, and Jay Shah's imminent announcement is expected to bring clarity and potential alterations to the fixture list. As the cricket fraternity gears up for the 2023 ODI World Cup, the upcoming update from the BCCI Secretary is likely to generate significant interest and speculation.

India vs. Pakistan, one of the most anticipated matches in international cricket, has always been a thrilling contest, and any updates to its scheduling will surely draw attention from fans and experts alike. Cricket enthusiasts are now keenly awaiting the new schedule changes that Jay Shah is expected to unveil soon.

With excitement building up as the ODI World Cup draws nearer, all eyes are on the BCCI Secretary, Jay Shah, as he prepares to divulge the highly anticipated announcement that could potentially reshape the cricketing calendar and set the stage for a riveting tournament in 2023.

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