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Wasim Akram Criticizes PCB for Excluding Imran Khan from Their Video, Demands Apology

Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram


IIE Digital Desk: Wasim Akram has voiced his criticism against the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) over their omission of cricket legend Imran Khan from a recent promotional video. Akram's remarks came as he highlighted the significant role Imran Khan played in shaping Pakistan's cricket history and his iconic status in the sport.

In a recent statement, Akram expressed his disappointment regarding the exclusion of Imran Khan, who captained Pakistan to its first-ever Cricket World Cup victory in 1992. The video, released by the PCB, aimed to celebrate Pakistan's cricketing journey but conspicuously lacked any reference to Khan's pivotal contribution.

Akram, a staunch advocate for recognizing cricketing legends, asserted that omitting Imran Khan's achievements and influence was a disservice to the sport's history and the memories shared by countless fans. He underlined Imran Khan's role as a mentor, captain, and inspiration to numerous cricketers, both past and present.During his tenure as captain, Imran Khan not only led Pakistan to a historic World Cup victory but also contributed to the development of cricket in the nation. His leadership on and off the field left an indelible mark on the sport and helped foster a generation of talented players.

Wasim Akram appealed to the PCB to rectify this oversight and issue a public apology to Imran Khan for the inadvertent exclusion. He emphasized that acknowledging Imran Khan's contributions would not only demonstrate respect for his legacy but also uphold the integrity of Pakistan's cricketing heritage.

The omission of such a prominent figure from the video has sparked discussions among cricket enthusiasts and fans, who are now joining Wasim Akram in urging the PCB to take corrective action and ensure that Imran Khan's pivotal role in shaping Pakistan's cricketing journey is duly acknowledged and celebrated.

As the debate continues, the PCB faces mounting pressure to address this oversight and offer an apology to Imran Khan, recognizing his monumental impact on Pakistani cricket and his enduring influence on the game worldwide.

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