6 months ago

Shakib Al Hasan slaps fan in broad daylight; Video goes viral

Shakib Al Hasan
Shakib Al Hasan


IIE Digital Desk: Shakib Al Hasan found himself in the middle of another controversy as once again lost his cool, this time not on the cricket field but off it.

The Bangladesh skipper was caught on camera slapping a man hours before winning Parliament elections in Bangladesh.

While a few reports claimed that the incident happened during the election day, few suggested that the altercation occurred a week ago.

According to the local media, as Shakib arrived to cast his vote, a member of the crowd allegedly grabbed him from behind, which irked the all-rounder. Shakib lost his cool and slapped the man.

This is not the first time Shakib was involved in something like this. During a Dhaka Premier League in 2021, he was left angry with an umpire's decision and as a result, he kicked the stumps and then furiously uprooted them before smashing them into the turf.

In a 2023 BBL game, Shakib charged towards the umpire in an unkind manner after a wide call didn't go in his favour.

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