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FIFA threatens Brazil with suspension over potential CBF election interference

FIFA threatens Brazil with suspension over potential CBF election interference
FIFA threatens Brazil with suspension over potential CBF election interference


IIE Digital Desk:FIFA issued a stern warning to Brazil on Sunday, indicating the potential suspension of its national teams and clubs from international competitions. This warning comes in light of possible interference by Brazil's football authority, which could lead to the early election of a new president in January.

The international football governing body communicated its concerns in a letter addressed to a Brazilian football executive, stating that the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) risks suspension if it proceeds with an election to replace the current president, Ednaldo Rodrigues, regardless of FIFA's advice.

On December 7, a court in Rio de Janeiro removed Rodrigues and his appointees at CBF due to irregularities in his election the previous year. This decision was later upheld by Brazil's two highest courts. FIFA, which traditionally opposes governmental or third-party interventions in its member associations, warned that such actions could result in Brazil, a five-time World Cup champion, being barred from major tournaments until the issue is resolved.

The Rio court also appointed José Perdiz, head of Brazil's top sports court, to organize new presidential elections within 30 working days. FIFA, however, views this intervention as inappropriate, as stated in previous correspondence with CBF.

The warning letter was signed by FIFA’s chief members’ association officer, Kenny Jean-Marie, and CONMEBOL’s deputy secretary-general, Monserrat Jiménez Garcia. Both FIFA and CONMEBOL plan to form a commission to discuss the matter in Brazil on January 8.

The letter emphasized, “FIFA and CONMEBOL would like to strongly emphasize that, until such mission takes place, no decision affecting CBF, including any elections or call for elections, shall be taken. Should this not be respected, FIFA will have no other option but to submit the matter to its relevant decision-making body for consideration and decision, which might also include a suspension.”

It further highlighted that a potential suspension by FIFA would result in CBF losing all membership rights and its teams becoming ineligible to participate in international competitions.

The letter also cautioned that irregular interference in its member associations could lead to sanctions, including suspension, as outlined in the FIFA Statutes.

Responding to FIFA's letter, Perdiz viewed it as a positive sign and reiterated his intention to conduct elections transparently within the established deadline.

No response was received from Rodrigues’ spokespersons regarding the AP’s request for comment. Rodrigues, who succeeded Rogério Caboclo as interim president in 2021, faces legal issues, though not related to corruption as with his predecessors. His term runs through 2026.

This ruling against Rodrigues could impact Brazil’s bid to host the Women’s World Cup in 2027 and his plans to appoint Carlo Ancelotti as the national team coach next year.

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