5 months ago

Ram Janmabhoomi Trust Secretary Champat Rai Extends Gratitude to PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi


IIE Digital Desk : Champat Rai, Secretary of the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust, expresses gratitude towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his significant contributions to the Ram Janmabhoomi project. Rai's commendation highlights the Prime Minister's pivotal role and steadfast commitment in overseeing key aspects of the initiative.

Champat Rai, entrusted with a crucial responsibility in the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust, commends Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his proactive leadership and dedicated efforts in advancing the Ram Janmabhoomi project. Rai's words underscore the Prime Minister's hands-on approach and his integral role in facilitating the smooth progress of the initiative.

The expression of gratitude emphasizes the collaborative spirit between the government and the trust, recognizing the importance of a united front in realizing the aspirations associated with the Ram Janmabhoomi. In his statement, Rai acknowledges the consistent support and involvement of Prime Minister Modi, recognizing the strides made under his leadership.

As the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust continues to work on this historic project, the words of appreciation from Secretary Champat Rai serve as a testament to the collective dedication and leadership that have propelled the initiative forward. The recognition of Prime Minister Modi's contributions adds a significant dimension to the ongoing narrative surrounding the fulfillment of the longstanding goal of constructing the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

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