10 months ago

Grand Inauguration of New Parliament Building Inspires Commemorative ₹75 Coin Minting

Narendra modi inspecting new Parliament Building
Narendra modi inspecting new Parliament Building


IIE Digital Desk: In an effort to celebrate the momentous occasion of the inauguration of India's new Parliament building, the government plans to mint a special ₹75 coin. This unique commemorative coin serves as a symbol of pride and marks the significance of the new architectural marvel that will house the nation's democracy. 

The much-awaited unveiling of the new Parliament building promises to be a grand event, with dignitaries, lawmakers, and esteemed guests converging to witness this historic moment. To further immortalize this occasion, the government has decided to mint a special edition ₹75 coins, encapsulating the spirit of India's thriving democracy and its commitment to progress.

The commemorative coin, bearing a face value of ₹75, will serve as a cherished memento, capturing the essence of this remarkable milestone in the nation's history. Its design will embody the unique architectural elements of the new Parliament building, showcasing its striking features and the vision behind its creation.

By minting this special coin, the government aims to foster a sense of national pride and appreciation for the new Parliament building, a structure that will serve as a beacon of democracy for generations to come. The ₹75 coin will not only be a collector's item but also a testament to the unwavering dedication and progress of India as a nation. 

As India takes this remarkable step forward in strengthening its democratic foundation, the introduction of the ₹75 commemorative coins becomes a symbolic gesture, paying tribute to the nation's rich history and its bright future. It stands as a reminder of the unity, resilience, and aspirations of the Indian people, as they come together to embrace a new chapter in their democratic journey.

In summary, the forthcoming minting of the ₹75 coins to celebrate the inauguration of the new Parliament building marks a momentous occasion in India's history, encapsulating the spirit of democracy and progress. This commemorative coin serves as a testament to the grandeur of the architectural marvel and will be cherished as a symbol of national pride for years to come.

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