6 months ago

Congress MP Mallikarjun Kharge Urges Rajya Sabha Chairman to Revoke Suspension of TMC MP Derek O'Brien

(From left) Derek O'Brien, Jagdeep Dhankhar, Mallikarjun Kharge
(From left) Derek O'Brien, Jagdeep Dhankhar, Mallikarjun Kharge


IIE Digital Desk : Congress Member of Parliament Mallikarjun Kharge has penned a letter to Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar, fervently appealing for the withdrawal of the suspension imposed on Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Derek O'Brien. The letter, addressed to Chairman Dhankhar, outlines Kharge's concerns and emphasizes the need for a reconsideration of the disciplinary action taken against O'Brien.

The suspension of Derek O'Brien, a prominent TMC parliamentarian, has sparked a wave of dissent, with Kharge asserting the necessity of a fair and impartial evaluation of the circumstances leading to the disciplinary measure. Kharge, known for his vocal stance on parliamentary matters, has urged the Rajya Sabha Chairman to review the suspension and ensure a just resolution in line with democratic principles.

The letter, a copy of which has been made available to the media, highlights the importance of upholding the democratic values that form the cornerstone of India's parliamentary system. Kharge's plea underscores the significance of fostering an environment that encourages healthy debate and dissent within the legislative framework.

This latest development adds to the ongoing political discourse surrounding parliamentary conduct, with implications for the functioning and decorum of the Rajya Sabha. As stakeholders await further deliberations, the fate of Derek O'Brien's suspension remains a focal point of discussion within political circles.

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