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Two Years of Development, Still Poor Road Conditions in Behala During Monsoon

Road Conditions in Behala (symboli picture)
Road Conditions in Behala (symboli picture)


Kolkata (June 30,2023) : The poor condition of roads in Behala has been a major concern for residents for years, and the monsoon season only exacerbates the problem. Despite two years of development work, the roads in Behala are still in a state of disrepair, with potholes and cracks that make them dangerous to drive on.

During the monsoon, the poor condition of the roads makes them even more hazardous. The potholes fill with water, making it difficult to see them, and the cracks can cause cars to swerve and skid. This has led to a number of accidents in recent years, including some fatalities. Residents have repeatedly complained to the authorities about the poor condition of the roads, but to no avail. The authorities have promised to fix the roads, but they have yet to do so.

The poor condition of the roads is not only a safety hazard, but it is also a major inconvenience for residents. The potholes and cracks make it difficult to drive, and the traffic congestion that results can add hours to people's commutes. The authorities need to take action to fix the roads in Behala. The monsoon season is just around the corner, and residents cannot afford to have to deal with the same poor road conditions for another year.

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