4 weeks ago

Kolkata's Underwater Metro Makes Waves with Record Passenger Numbers

Kolkata's Underwater Metro (symbolic picture)
Kolkata's Underwater Metro (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Kolkata's underwater metro has recorded a significant surge in passengers over the past two months. The unique transportation system, which operates partly below the city's water bodies, has experienced a notable uptick in ridership amidst the monsoon season. The increase in passengers is attributed to several factors, including improved connectivity, enhanced operational efficiency, and the convenience offered by the underwater metro network. Despite occasional disruptions caused by heavy rains and waterlogging, commuters have shown a growing preference for this innovative mode of transportation.

The record number of passengers highlights the resilience of Kolkata's metro system and its ability to adapt to adverse weather conditions. Authorities have been working diligently to address the challenges posed by the monsoon, implementing measures to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. As Kolkata continues to grapple with annual monsoon inundation, the success of the underwater metro underscores the importance of innovative infrastructure solutions in mitigating the city's transportation woes.

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