3 weeks ago

Kolkata Metro Extends Service Hours

Kolkata Metro (symbolic picture)
Kolkata Metro (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Kolkata Metro has announced the extension of its service hours until 11 PM. This new schedule, currently on an experimental basis, aims to cater to the increasing demand for late-night travel options in the city. Starting this week, metro trains will run until 11 PM, offering commuters more flexibility and convenience. The decision to extend the service hours comes in response to numerous requests from passengers who face challenges with late-night travel. By providing an additional hour of operation, the metro aims to accommodate a broader range of passengers, including office workers, students, and late-night shoppers.

Officials have stated that the extended hours will be monitored closely to assess demand and operational feasibility. Depending on the trial's success, this initiative may become a permanent fixture in Kolkata's metro services. Passengers are encouraged to utilize the extended hours and provide feedback to help refine and improve the service. This development marks a progressive step towards enhancing Kolkata's public transportation infrastructure, aiming to make commuting safer and more convenient for everyone. As the trial period progresses, the city eagerly awaits the potential permanent adoption of these extended metro hours.

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