9 months ago

Kolkata CM Mamata Banerjee Reacts to Behala Tragedy, Calls for Action

CM Mamata Banerjee (symbolic picture)
CM Mamata Banerjee (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (August 04,2023) : Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee responded swiftly to the tragic accident in Behala, expressing her discontent and instructing the Chief Secretary to take immediate action. With heartfelt concern for the victims and their families, she remains actively engaged in monitoring the situation and ensuring that necessary support is provided to those affected.

The accident, which resulted in loss of lives and injuries, has deeply saddened the city. Safety on the roads has always been a priority for the state government, and this incident has intensified the urgency to implement robust measures for road safety and better traffic management. CM Banerjee's dedicated focus on the well-being of Kolkata's citizens is evident through her quick response to the tragedy. She stands in solidarity with the affected families, offering her unwavering support during this trying time.

The Chief Secretary has been entrusted with the task of conducting a comprehensive review of road safety protocols. The goal is to identify potential shortcomings and recommend necessary actions to prevent similar accidents in the future. The entire city awaits further developments as the government takes necessary steps to address the concerns raised by the tragic Behala accident. As Kolkata mourns the loss of lives, it also looks to the administration for prompt and effective measures to ensure road safety and protect its citizens.

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