9 months ago

ED Files Chargesheet in Kolkata Recruitment Scam

Sujay Krishna Bhadra (symbolic picture)
Sujay Krishna Bhadra (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (July 28,2023) : The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has filed a chargesheet against Sujay Krishna Bhadra in connection with a recruitment scam that has sent shockwaves through Kolkata. The chargesheet sheds light on alleged irregularities in the recruitment process, unraveling a complex web of deception. The ED's chargesheet comes after a thorough investigation into the recruitment scam that had been a matter of concern for authorities and the public alike. Sujay Krishna Bhadra, a central figure in the case, faces serious allegations related to fraudulent practices in the recruitment of personnel.

Details from the chargesheet reveal a meticulously orchestrated scheme to manipulate the recruitment process and secure positions through corrupt means. The scam's exposure has raised questions about the integrity of recruitment procedures and the need for stringent oversight.

The ED's action underscores its commitment to combating corruption and malpractice. As the case progresses, all eyes are on the investigative agencies and the judicial system to ensure a fair and transparent trial. The revelation of the recruitment scam has sent shockwaves through the city, and citizens are eager to see justice served. It serves as a reminder that the authorities must remain vigilant in upholding the sanctity of public institutions and eradicating corruption from its roots.

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