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Dengue cases rising rapidly in West Bengal, Kolkata worst affected

Dengue cases rising (symbolic picture)
Dengue cases rising (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (August 29,2023) : The number of dengue cases in West Bengal is rising rapidly, with Kolkata being the worst affected city. As of August 28, 2023, the total number of dengue cases in the state has crossed 13,600, with over 1,000 cases reported in Kolkata alone. Health experts have warned that the number of cases could rise further in the coming weeks, as the monsoon season is still in progress. They have urged people to take preventive measures, such as avoiding mosquito bites, using mosquito nets, and keeping their surroundings clean.

The state government has also taken steps to control the spread of dengue, such as conducting fogging operations and distributing mosquito nets. However, health experts say that more needs to be done to prevent the outbreak from turning into a major epidemic.

Here are some of the preventive measures that people can take to avoid dengue:

Use mosquito nets and insect repellents.

Wear long sleeves and pants when outdoors.

Avoid swimming in stagnant water.

Drain any standing water around your home.

Clean your surroundings regularly.

If you think you have dengue, it is important to see a doctor immediately. Dengue can be a serious illness, but it is usually treatable if caught early.

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