3 months ago

Challenges Facing Kolkata's Book Fair in Globalizing Bengali Literature

Kolkata Book Fair (symbolic picture)
Kolkata Book Fair (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : The Kolkata Book Fair, despite its grandeur, faces criticism for its limited impact on promoting Bengali literature in the global market. Critics argue that the fair, despite its size and reputation, falls short in advancing the cause of Bengali books internationally. Concerns arise over the fair's inability to effectively showcase Bengali literary works to a global audience. Despite being a significant cultural event, its influence in penetrating global markets remains marginal.

 Observers note the absence of strategic initiatives to promote Bengali literature beyond regional boundaries. While the fair attracts throngs of visitors, its impact on expanding the reach of Bengali books on the global stage remains negligible. Key stakeholders emphasize the need for innovative approaches to elevate Bengali literature onto the international platform. They advocate for targeted efforts to enhance visibility and accessibility of Bengali books in global markets.

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