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Russia Claims to Have Destroyed Storm Shadow Missile Fired by Ukraine

Shadow Missile Fired by Ukraine (symbolic picture)
Shadow Missile Fired by Ukraine (symbolic picture)


Moscow, (June 24, 2023): Russia's Ministry of Defense (MoD) has claimed to have destroyed a Storm Shadow cruise missile fired by Ukraine. The MoD said that the missile was fired from a Ukrainian Su-24M bomber and was heading for the city of Belgorod. The missile was intercepted and destroyed by Russian air defense forces, the MoD said.

The Storm Shadow is a long-range cruise missile that is capable of carrying a large payload. It is a highly sophisticated weapon, and its destruction is a significant victory for Russian air defense forces. The MoD's claim has not been independently verified, but it is consistent with previous reports of Ukrainian forces using Storm Shadow missiles.

The use of Storm Shadow missiles by Ukraine is a sign that the country is running out of conventional weapons. The missiles are expensive and difficult to obtain, and their use suggests that Ukraine is facing a serious shortage of ammunition.

The destruction of the Storm Shadow missile is a setback for Ukraine, but it is not a decisive blow. Ukraine still has a significant number of other weapons, and it is likely to continue to resist the Russian invasion.

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