9 months ago

Urfi Javed Gives It Back To Man Who Criticised Her Dressing Sense

Urfi Javed (symbolic picture)
Urfi Javed (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Urfi Javed, a popular television actress, got into an ugly spat with a man who commented on her dressing sense. The incident took place on Monday, when Javed was out shopping in Mumbai. The man reportedly made a derogatory remark about Javed's clothes, which led to an argument between the two. Javed is known for her quirky fashion sense, and she often wears revealing outfits. She has been the target of criticism for her dressing sense in the past, but she has always defended her right to wear whatever she wants.

In this latest incident, Javed did not take kindly to the man's remark and she gave it back to him. She told him that he should mind his own business and that she was not going to change her dressing sense for anyone. The man reportedly got angry and started yelling at Javed. He also threatened to slap her. Javed was unfazed by the man's threats and she continued to argue with him. She told him that she was not afraid of him and that he could do whatever he wanted. The man eventually left the scene, but Javed was left shaken by the incident.

This is not the first time that Javed has been targeted for her dressing sense. She has been the subject of trolling and abuse on social media for her choice of clothes. However, she has always stood up for herself and has never let the criticism get to her. Javed's latest spat with the man is a reminder that women are still often judged for their appearance. It is important to remember that everyone has the right to wear whatever they want, regardless of what others think.

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