9 months ago

Kareena Kapoor Khan can't even boil water, Saif Ali Khan is a great cook

Kareena Kapoor Khan  (symbolic picture)
Kareena Kapoor Khan (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has revealed that her husband, actor Saif Ali Khan, is an amazing cook, while she can't even boil water. In an interview with a leading magazine, Kapoor Khan said that Khan is the "best cook in the world" and that he loves to experiment in the kitchen. She said that he is always coming up with new recipes, and that she loves trying them out.

Kapoor Khan also said that Khan is a very patient cook, and that he is always willing to teach her new things. She said that she is learning a lot from him, and that she is hoping to become a better cook one day. Khan's cooking skills are well-known in the industry. He has even written a cookbook, "Saif in the Kitchen: Recipes from My World", which was published in 2017. The couple has two children together, Taimur and Jeh. Kapoor Khan said that Khan is a hands-on father, and that he loves to cook for his family. She said that he is always making sure that they have healthy and delicious meals.

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