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Indigo airlines hikes charges for extra legroom seats; will now cost Rs 1500-2000

Indigo airline
Indigo airline


IIE Digital Desk:Looking for extra legroom at IndiGo's front seats? Brace yourself: the airline is hiking prices by up to Rs 2,000 for that coveted comfort on their flights.

As per the fees and charges mentioned for various services on the airline's website, selecting a window or aisle seat in the front row of an A321 aircraft having 232 seats will cost Rs 2,000, while the amount is Rs 1,500 if it is the middle seat.

The charges are the same for these seats in an A321 plane that has 222 seats and in an A320 aircraft having 186 seats. The same tariff is applicable for selecting these seats in an A320 aircraft with 180 seats, according to the airline's website.

In the case of ATR planes, the charge for seat selection is up to Rs 500.

Aviation analyst Ameya Joshi said the airline has increased the seat selection charge for the front row seats with extra legroom to up to Rs 2,000. Earlier, it was up to Rs 1,500, he added.

There was no immediate from IndiGo on hiking the seat selection charge to up to Rs 2,000. Changes in charges for selecting seats in other rows could not be immediately ascertained.

IndiGo withdraws fuel charge

Last week, the airline withdrew the fuel charge that was collected from passengers, a move that will reduce airfares by up to Rs 1,000 on certain long routes.

In the wake of a spike in jet fuel prices, the airline started levying the fuel charge on each domestic and international ticket from October 6, 2023. The quantum of the fuel charge varied from Rs 300 to up to Rs 1,000, depending on the distance.

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