West Bengal

9 months ago

TMC Leader Arabul Islam's Son Gets Police Security in Bhangar

Arabul Islam's Son (symbolic picture)
Arabul Islam's Son (symbolic picture)


Bhangar (July 27,2023) : Hakimul Islam, the son of TMC leader Arabul Islam, has been provided with police security in Bhangar, South 24 Parganas. The move comes after a series of political clashes in the area, which have left six people dead. Hakimul Islam is a youth leader of the TMC in Bhangar. He is seen as a potential successor to his father, who is a powerful figure in the area.

The police security for Hakimul Islam has been provided following a request from the TMC. The police have said that the security will be in place for a temporary period. The move to provide police security to Hakimul Islam has been welcomed by the TMC. However, it has been criticized by the opposition parties, who say that it is a sign of the TMC's fear of losing control of Bhangar.

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