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Miscreants fired at the police in Shitalkuch

Miscreants fired at the police in Shitalkuchi
Miscreants fired at the police in Shitalkuchi


Shilpi Dutt Cooch Behar May 25, 2023: When the police went to arrest the miscreant after getting information from secret sources, the police were shot randomly. Shitalakuchi of Cooch Behar witnessed a terrible situation. On receiving information from secret sources, a large police force led by the OC of Shitalkuchi police station late on Wednesday night, when they went to search the house of notorious miscreant Azizul Mia in Nagarnepra village under Shitalkuchi, opened fire at the police when Azizul Mia alias Lal Mia escaped from the back of the house. The police of Shitalakuchi police station fired back. Miscreant Azizul Mia escaped by taking advantage of the darkness of the night.

A lot of excitement spread around the incident in the area. The locals were terrified. There were various allegations against Azizul Mia for a long time. According to police sources, the news reached the police that Azizul Mia had come to his house on Wednesday. A large force of police went to Azizul Mia's house. He shot at the police and ran away. However, when the police entered his house and searched, Azizul Mia attacked his wife and daughter. Mathabhanga Additional Superintendent of Police Amit Verma said. He also said that two or three police personnel were injured by sharp weapons in this incident, although the police later arrested Azizul Mia's wife and daughter. Later, when they were taken to the Mathabhanga court, the Mathabhanga court ordered their 14-day jail custody. After this incident, the Bilas police force led by Mathabhanga Additional Superintendent of Police Amit Varma reached the spot and tried to recover the bullet shells using metal detectors. According to the information received from police sources, about three-four bullet shells were recovered. Cooch Behar's Shitalakuchi has been in the headlines for several times before this. The biggest event of the 2021 assembly election happened in Shitalakuchi. After the post-poll violence, the face of the terror-stricken area is grim. This Shitalakuchi has become a kind of hotbed for miscreants.

Earlier, Union Minister of State for Home Nisith Pramanik came to a meeting in Sitalkuchi and complained that various criminals are hiding in this area. Even then, the administration did not hesitate. This time, while trying to catch the criminal, the police themselves are affected. It is easy to imagine how terrible the situation has become in vast areas of Cooch Behar when criminals attack the police where the police are the protectors. Opponents have repeatedly raised questions about the role of the police, this time the police are standing on the spot, and as a result, the security of the common people is being raised. In this regard, Additional Superintendent of Police, Mathabhanga, Amit Verma said - There was news about this crime for a long time. Yesterday we got the news. He came home at night. When the police came to arrest him, he fired at the police. The police also fired back. Mia manages to escape in the dark of the night. Later his daughter and wife assaulted the police with sharp weapons though they were arrested and produced before the Madhavanga court. Extreme political turmoil has started around this incident.

In this context, Barenchandra Barman, BJP MLA from Shital Kuchi, said - The whole of West Bengal is standing on a pile of gunpowder. West Bengal has become an open door for bomb guns and bomb perpetrators. Even if the police of this government is not protected, then from where will the security of the common people come, this government should resign immediately. However, Trinamool Congress spokesperson and former Cooch Behar MP Parthapratim Roy has stood by the police in this context. He said that the state government never compromises with the miscreants which is why the police went to catch the miscreants and then I don't know what the shooting is about but no one will be spared. The state police is competent enough, and the state government plays a very important role. Regarding the opposition, he said that the opposition only knows how to blame. Although this incident has spread in the entire district. The question is, where are so many bomb guns coming from? How is the bomb gun reaching the hands of criminals? If the police are not safe then the safety of the common man is at stake. The panchayat elections are ahead, the way Cooch Behar is heating up again and again, there is a lot of worry in the minds of the common people. The people of Cooch Behar are suffering from insecurity.

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