West Bengal

10 months ago

ISF Leader Nawsad Siddique Visits Bhangar After Weeks of Agitation

Nawsad Siddique (symbolic picture)
Nawsad Siddique (symbolic picture)


Bhangar (August 03,2023) : ISF leader Nawsad Siddique finally visited Bhangar on Thursday, after weeks of agitation in the area over the death of a youth in police firing. Siddique met with the family of the deceased youth, Sabyasachi Bagdi, and assured them that he would take up their case with the government. He also met with other protesters and urged them to maintain peace.

The agitation in Bhangar began on July 21, after Bagdi was killed in police firing during a protest against the construction of a crematorium. The protesters have been demanding the arrest of the police officers responsible for Bagdi's death.

The police have denied any wrongdoing, and have said that Bagdi was killed in a clash between protesters and the police. Siddique's visit to Bhangar is seen as a sign of the growing political importance of the area. The ISF is a new political party, but it has been gaining popularity in recent months, particularly in the Muslim-majority areas of West Bengal.

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