11 months ago

Ashwin reacts with interesting '2016-17' parallel after fan-anger over Mumbai, Kolkata not being given England Tests

Rohit Sharma (L) and Ravichandran Ashwin (R)
Rohit Sharma (L) and Ravichandran Ashwin (R)


IIE Digital Desk: Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin has responded to the recent uproar from cricket fans over the exclusion of England Tests in Mumbai and Kolkata for the upcoming season. The decision by the cricketing authorities left many fans disappointed and bewildered. However, Ashwin's response has added an interesting perspective to the ongoing debate.

Drawing an intriguing parallel to the 2016-17 cricket season, Ashwin pointed out a similar situation that unfolded back then, which had striking resemblances to the current scenario. His astute observation caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide, reigniting the fervor surrounding the exclusion of these two cricketing hubs from the England Test schedule.

Cricket aficionados have expressed their anger on various social media platforms, demanding transparency and clarity from the concerned authorities. The absence of high-profile Test matches in Mumbai and Kolkata has left fans feeling deprived of witnessing top-notch cricketing action.

Despite the disappointment, Ashwin's response has encouraged fans to look at the larger picture and reflect on the dynamic nature of cricket scheduling. While the exclusion remains a point of contention, his perspective has brought a fresh perspective to the table.

As the debate rages on, cricket enthusiasts can only hope for a satisfactory resolution to this contentious issue. The cricketing world awaits further updates from the authorities, eager to witness a potential turnaround in the scheduling decisions for the upcoming England Tests.

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