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West Bengal BJP is worried after result of Karnataka assembly election

Congress wins the Karnataka assembly election
Congress wins the Karnataka assembly election


Karnataka , 15th May2023: The only state in the south where the BJP established its dominance and ultimately could not hold on to it. Looking at the results of this southern state, it is being compared with the result of West Bengal assembly elections in the only southern state. It should be noted that the next assembly elections in West Bengal are still far behind. But panchayat elections are ahead. And BJP's main target is 2024 Lok Sabha polls.
Experts have pointed out five reasons for the BJP's defeat in the Karnataka elections, which is raising concerns for the Bengal BJP and is being discussed within the party

 BJP not promot any big face in the state

Analyzing the reasons for Karnataka's election loss, it was seen that there was no big face among the leaders in the state. The BJP replaced Yeddyurappa and made Basbaraj Bommai the Chief Minister. But Bombay has not been presented as a face in this election. Same is the case in West Bengal. Despite the presence of familiar faces within the team, none of them were featured.

Many leaders were not given the importance

In the Karnataka elections, there was such anger in the BJP camp that many important leaders were not given the same importance. One of them is former Chief Minister Yeddyurappa. The BJP played a major role in the rise of the saffron camp in this southern state. Many leaders of the Lingayat community are also alleged to have been neglected. The same scene can be seen in Bengal too. Many in the state BJP feel that Dilip Ghosh, who has contributed the most to the rise of the other camp in Bengal, is now in an 'insignificant' position. Even if he was made the All India Vice President, the former State President is not being 'used' in that way for the future.

Exaggeration about Hinduism
In Karnataka, BJP campaigned on issues like halal, hijab, azaan, which led to accusations of religious incitement. Gerua Shibir has raised slogans regarding Hanuman as God. On the other hand, the Congress has demanded a ban on the Bajrang Dal. From the results that followed, one thing is clear - the majority of voters in Karnataka did not accept this politics. The Prime Minister himself used the controversial film 'The Kerala Story' to touch the sentiments of Hindutva in the election campaign. But even that could not change the 'Karnataka Story'. There are allegations of religious incitement against the BJP in Bengal too. There are allegations of politics on Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti. Whether it will be good for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections or not, the question has been raised in the Karnataka polls.

Inability to retain group votes
BJP's campaign in Karnataka has emphasized on capturing votes from various groups. Efforts have been made to win votes from Lingayats as well as Dalits, Adivasis and other backward communities. This vote has favored the BJP in the past across the country. Even in Bengal, BJP considers Matua, Rajbanshi, Dalit, and tribal votes as its biggest asset. But what can be the result if that vote is removed, the results of Karnataka have shown it.

Dependence on the central leadership

Even though Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah spent a lot of time campaigning in Karnataka, the BJP could not reap its special dividends. BJP's preparations for the Lok Sabha elections in Bengal also depend on Shah. All India president JP Nadda is with him. Nadda and Shah have shared responsibility for all the seats targeted by the BJP in the state. But will central leaders get success in Bengal by reducing the importance of state leadership? The Karnataka poll results have raised such questions anew.
Although the state BJP feels that with the amount of corruption exposed in Bengal, nothing will prevent a Trinamool defeat. On the other hand, Congress CPIM has transformed into 3rd & 4th opposition Party in Bengal, in which case the BJP side has some advantage in Bengal Politics. Explaining the position of the ruling party and the BJP in Bengal, State BJP chief spokesman Shamik Bhattacharya said, "It was a Twenty20 match for an all-India team. It lost. And not even a one-day match in the Lok Sabha elections, but a five-day test. Trinamool considers politics as a game. let them play ,The question is whether the Trinamool Party will exist till 2024 or not. 

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