10 months ago

Severe Infection Detected in Kuno Cheetah After Removing Radio Collars

Cheetah in Kuno National Park (symbolic picture)
Cheetah in Kuno National Park (symbolic picture)


Bhopal (July 24,2023) : A severe infection has been detected in a cheetah in Kuno National Park after the removal of radio collars. The cheetah, a female named Avni, was fitted with the collars in 2019 as part of a study to track her movements. The collars were removed in March 2023, and Avni was found to have a severe infection on her neck where the collars had been attached.

The infection has caused Avni to lose fur and weight, and she is now being treated with antibiotics. The Wildlife Institute of India (WII), which is conducting the study, says that the infection is a rare complication of radio collaring, and that Avni is the first cheetah in India to be affected. The WII says that it is taking steps to prevent other cheetahs from being infected, and that it is working with the Madhya Pradesh government to provide Avni with the best possible care.

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