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Rahul Gandhi slammed PM Narendra Modi in America

Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Narendra Modi (
Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Narendra Modi (


IIE Digital Desk : Rahul went on a ten-day visit to America. He will go to Washington DC via San Francisco. Rahul presented a picture of present-day India in front of social workers, academics and representatives of civil society at the University of California.

The Prime Minister of the country Saparke Rahul said in his own speech - "I think, if you sit Modiji in front of God, then Modiji will start explaining to God, how the world is going! And God will be surprised to think, what made the world! It's a very funny thing, but that's actually what's going on. There are groups that understand everything. They are teaching science to the scientist, history to the historian, teaching the army to fight. At the root of this is mediocrity, they don't really know anything. In fact, you will not understand anything in life, unless you are ready to listen to others." He added, "If you believe in anger, hatred and arrogance, then you will find yourself in a BJP meeting, and you will be man ki baat. After that, throwing a direct sarcasm, Rahul said, "The entrepreneurs are asking me to answer your questions. But this will not happen in BJP. There is no barrage of questions, only a barrage of answers!”

Rahul's last foreign trip had sparked controversy. On that trip, Sonia and Tanay went to England. He also gave a speech. BJP objected to this. BJP's complaint was, how can Rahul tarnish Indian democracy by standing on foreign soil as a representative of India (he was an MP till then)! However, Rahul did not respond to BJP's attack. Again and again in the American tour, the same incident was repeated.

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