11 months ago

Rabies-Infected Girl Bites 40 People Before Dying in UP

Rabies-Infected Girl  (symbolic picture)
Rabies-Infected Girl (symbolic picture)


Uttar Pradesh (July 26,2023) : A rabies-infected girl bit 40 people before dying in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday. The girl, who has not been identified, was from a village in the state's Bareilly district. She was taken to a hospital in Bareilly, but she died on Wednesday morning. The 40 people who were bitten by the girl are now being quarantined. They are being given rabies shots and are being monitored for any signs of the disease.

The police are investigating the case. They are trying to determine how the girl was infected with rabies. The incident has caused panic in the village. The villagers are afraid that they may have been infected with rabies. The health department has said that there is no need to panic. They said that the rabies shots are effective in preventing the disease. However, they have advised the villagers to be careful and to avoid contact with any animals that may be infected with rabies.

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