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Mobile Internet, Bulk SMS Services Suspended in Haryana's Nuh Ahead of Hindutva Outfits' Yatra

Mobile Internet  Services Suspended (symbolic picture)
Mobile Internet Services Suspended (symbolic picture)


New Delhi (August 26,2023) : Mobile internet and bulk SMS services have been suspended in Haryana's Nuh district ahead of a yatra (religious procession) by Hindutva outfits on August 28. The yatra is being organized to protest against the alleged desecration of a Hindu temple in the district. The suspension of mobile internet and bulk SMS services is a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of misinformation and rumors that could trigger communal violence. The order has been issued by the district administration and will remain in effect till August 28.

The yatra has been organized by the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal. The two organizations have called on their supporters to gather in Nuh on August 28 and march to the site where the temple was allegedly desecrated. The Haryana government has deployed additional security forces in Nuh to prevent any untoward incident. The district administration has also banned the carrying of weapons in the area.

The suspension of mobile internet and bulk SMS services has been met with criticism from some quarters. They argue that the move will stifle freedom of expression and make it difficult for people to communicate with each other. However, the district administration has defended the move, saying that it is necessary to maintain law and order. The yatra is the latest in a series of communal clashes that have taken place in Haryana in recent months. In July, there were clashes between Hindus and Muslims in the Rohtak district. The clashes were triggered by a social media post that was seen as offensive to Muslims.

The Haryana government has been under pressure to take steps to prevent communal violence. The suspension of mobile internet and bulk SMS services is a part of these efforts. The district administration has appealed to the people to maintain peace and harmony. They have also urged the organizers of the yatra to cooperate with the authorities to ensure that the event passes off peacefully.

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