8 months ago

12% GST Impact: Student Accommodation Costs to Rise in Two States

Student Accommodation Costs (symbolic picture)
Student Accommodation Costs (symbolic picture)


Bengaluru (July 31,2023) : The Authority of Advance Rulings has issued a significant directive stating that a 12% Goods and Services Tax (GST) will now be imposed on student accommodation in two states. This decision is expected to lead to an increase in accommodation costs, raising concerns among students and educational institutions in the affected regions. The introduction of GST on student accommodation has the potential to affect the cost of living for students pursuing their education in these states. For many students and their families, already grappling with financial challenges, this additional burden could further strain their budgets.

Various students' welfare organizations and educational institutions have expressed reservations regarding the implications of such taxation on education affordability and accessibility. They urge the government to reconsider this decision to mitigate potential adverse effects on students and their families. With education costs being a critical concern, the implementation of GST on student accommodation brings forth new challenges in ensuring that quality education remains accessible to all. As debates surrounding this ruling gain momentum, stakeholders hope for a thoughtful review to strike a balance between the government's fiscal objectives and the welfare of students in these states.

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