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Why TMC and Mamata Banerjee change policy on alliance against BJP

TMC and Mamata Banerjee change policy on alliance against BJP
TMC and Mamata Banerjee change policy on alliance against BJP


IIE Digital Desk : Kolkata, 16 May 2023: From the ruling party to the opposition, everyone now has a bird's eye on the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The Trinamool is willing to hold the 'hand' of the Congress to oust the BJP government in the upcoming elections. This is what Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said in Nabanna on Monday about the opposition alliance of BJP. But at the same time he also gave conditions for the Congress. Mamta's condition in this regard was very simple - whoever is strong, he will fight single-handedly there. That is, if there is an alliance in West Bengal, the key will be in the hands of Mamata and the Trinamool.

However, there is no indication that this condition will be accepted. Although Mamata had started communicating with the leaders of other opposition parties before expressing such attitude about the Congress. From which there was an indication that the Trinamool was going to 'change policy'. It should be noted that Mamata announced that the Trinamool will fight alone in the next Lok Sabha elections after the defeat in the Sagardighi by-election in early March. Trinamool's alliance will be with the people. But the results of the Karnataka polls this month have changed all calculations.

However, the CPM sees 'unprincipledness' in Mamata's alliance policy. The current Left 'Friendly' Congress also said the same. They claim that the Trinamool is talking about the alliance again after understanding the existential crisis. And the state's main opposition party and the ruling BJP, however, said that the Trinamool leader is talking about forming an alliance because she does not have the power to fight alone.

But  why she change her path? According to a section of the Trinamool, Mamata knew all along that the Trinamool would not be relevant in national politics unless the Congress was irrelevant. As a result, he has always endeavored to maintain a separate existence from the Congress. In the last Lok Sabha polls, the Congress performed unexpectedly poorly in the country. In the state too they were left blank in the assembly polls. All assumed that further decline of the Congress was inevitable. But it was in that situation that Rahul Gandhi started the 'Bharat Joro Yatra'. He requested the opposition parties to join in this yatra, although the Trinamool did not respond.

But a section of Trinamool is accepting that Congress has become relevant as a result of that program. That relevance has been reinforced after Rahul was stripped of his Lok Sabha seat. On that day, however, it was announced that Mamta was going alone. But after Rahul's MP post was rejected, Mamata stood by Rahul and attacked the central government. Meanwhile, Trinamool lost its title of 'national party'. After that comes the assembly polls in Karnataka. Where Congress performs unexpectedly well. As a result, their relevance and importance in national politics increases. Rahul regained some credibility as the 'face' of opposition to BJP and Narendra Modi.

Although Trinamool does not want to call it 'policy change'. Kunal Ghosh, state general secretary and spokesperson of the party, said, "The decision announced by our leader is the anti-BJP alliance. But the way CPM, Congress, BJP came together in Sagardighi's vote, he went to show that he alone is enough for the state. We do not need an alliance with anyone in this state. This is what Mamata meant. But in the national field, his declared policy is to fight in alliances.

However, BJP state president Sukant Majumder said, "The Chief Minister has understood what the situation is going to be in the state in the next Lok Sabha elections. The Nabjoyar Yatra of the party is actually a survey. He has received that report. Trying to hold her hand to save face. What could happen is a gang of thieves. Trinamool, which has lost the title of national party, wants to go in this direction if the begging bag can be filled a little. But that hope is in vain.

In this context, the statements of CPM and Congress are similar. CPM's state secretary Mohammad Selim said, "The rhythm is not right. The rhythm of grassroots politics has fallen. If the goal is not right, if there is no ideal or principle, then I have to say what path I walk, what I say! That's what I feel when I see Mamata Banerjee every day.'' This time people everywhere will reject Trinamool with disgust. Mamata is suffering from fear. In the past, he held hands with the BJP to oust the Congress. Now they want to do the opposite.

But it was clear that Mamata was planning the alliance long ago. It is to be noted that a few days ago she  went to Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik's house. However, Naveen said, “It is a courtesy meeting. The Chief Minister of West Bengal wanted to meet. There was no talk about politics." And Mamata said, "There is politics for 365 days! We have a good relationship with Naveen. They will give good results in the coming days.''One after another meetings started in Kolkata too. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy Chief Minister and Lalu Prasad's son Tejashwi Yadav came to Nabanna. After that meeting, Mamata said sitting the two people aside, "I have suggested that it is better if the meeting of the opposition is held in Bihar." First the message must be given, we are all in this together. We want the BJP to become empty.''Note, Mamata had a meeting with Akhilesh on March 18. At the time of that meeting, however, Mamata's policy was to form an alliance with the rest of the parties keeping equal distance with the BJP and the Congress. His name was not correct then. Senior Trinamool MP Sudip Banerjee said, "We are not talking about forming a third front right now. All we are saying is, let the elections happen first. In the state where the party has more power, let them fight against the BJP. This is Mamata Banerjee's philosophy at the moment.''

Mamata has avoided the Congress on the issue of opposition alliance for so long, but at this moment, the question to start melting the ice is whether Mamata Congress will go to Delhi for the Niti Aayog meeting on 27th. Will you discuss the opposition unity with the leadership? A section of the Trinamool claims that the atmosphere created after the Karnataka elections cannot be completely ruled out. In that case, it remains to be seen how interested the Congress leadership is.

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