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South Bengal Districts Experience Prolonged Heatwave-Like Conditions, Expected to Persist for Several More Days

South Bengal  Heatwave (symbolic picture)
South Bengal Heatwave (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (June 15,2023) : A scorching heatwave has gripped several districts of South Bengal, creating challenging conditions for residents and prompting concerns among meteorologists. The prevailing weather patterns indicate that these high temperatures and oppressive heat are likely to persist for several more days, exacerbating discomfort and potentially impacting daily life. The affected districts in South Bengal are currently experiencing heatwave-like conditions, with temperatures soaring above average and humidity levels adding to the discomfort. Local authorities have issued advisories urging residents to take precautionary measures to combat the heat and stay hydrated.

This prolonged period of intense heat has the potential to adversely affect public health, particularly among vulnerable populations. Instances of heat exhaustion and heatstroke may increase, emphasizing the importance of staying cool and avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Meteorological experts attribute these extreme weather conditions to a combination of factors, including a persistent high-pressure system and a lack of significant rainfall. The absence of adequate cloud cover intensifies the solar radiation, contributing to the soaring temperatures.

As the heatwave-like conditions continue to persist, it is crucial for individuals to prioritize their well-being and follow recommended guidelines to mitigate the effects of the scorching weather. This includes staying indoors during the hottest parts of the day, using air conditioning or fans, wearing lightweight and breathable clothing, and consuming plenty of fluids. The meteorological department will continue monitoring the situation closely and providing regular updates on weather patterns and any potential relief in sight. Until then, residents of the affected districts are urged to remain cautious and take necessary measures to cope with the prolonged heatwave-like conditions.

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