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Kolkata Traffic Police's Route Recommendation to Beat Maa Flyover Congestion

Kolkata Traffic Police (symbolic picture)
Kolkata Traffic Police (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (August 03,2023) : The Kolkata Traffic Police has taken a proactive approach to tackle the perennial issue of traffic congestion on the Maa Flyover. They have made an earnest appeal to commuters to consider using the alternative routes of Park Circus and Park Street to ease the burden on the overpass. The Maa Flyover plays a crucial role in connecting various parts of the city, but the escalating traffic snarls during peak hours have become a major concern for both authorities and citizens. In response to the mounting pressure, the traffic police identified the heavy influx of vehicles on the Maa Flyover as a key issue.

A senior traffic official highlighted the significant increase in vehicular traffic during peak times, leading to prolonged delays and frustration among drivers. To alleviate this problem, the authorities have recommended using Park Circus and Park Street as viable alternatives. The strategic diversion of traffic aims to reduce congestion on the Maa Flyover and enhance overall commuting experiences for Kolkata residents. It remains to be seen how effectively the public embraces this solution and whether it will provide the much-needed relief to the city's chronic traffic woes.

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